I went inside my brain. Something’s gone wrong.

I went inside my mind today just to check inventory.  Something has happened.  Something has gone terribly wrong.  Once inside I found that there was a fog about.  The thickest fog I’ve seen since I sailed in to Rockland harbor in the winter of 2007.    Much of the inventory was missing and there appeared to be a portal to another dimension within the fog.  That must be where all of my internal memory is going.  Down some sort of black hole, in to another dimension and out of any coherence that’s relevant to me.  There’s not much left inside there.  The only things I could make out through the fog were a couple of dusty old fart jokes and the cheat codes to GTA San Andreas.  Attempts to reboot, and restore memory has been futile and there are no known ways to reverse an information portal.  I took my notes to the local laboratory where a scientist was able to analyze them.  He looked at my notes, looked at my skull, and stared deep in to my retinas.  “Who sent you?”, he asked hastily.  “It’s just me, that’s what’s going on in my head and I’m getting dumber and more worthless to the world with each second”, I said back in the same tone.  The scientist threw a lab coat at me and turned toward a large metal door, “follow me”.  He opened the door that lead in to a large room where his top secret experiments were done.  Pulling down a curtain covering one of the walls, it was revealed to me that this scientist has tried to do the same inventory on his own brain and had come out with the same notes.  It was at this point that the scientist and I had the same revelation.  We are all losing it.  With every second that we waste our own brain, we lose information, relevance, and the ability to not waste people’s time.  If we allow the fog to roll in we lose our ability to think, perform, and actually have something worthwhile to say.  The scientist and I have come to an agreement.  We are to send ourselves in to the portal inside our minds to see what information we can retrieve.  I’ve not heard from him in days which means he must be stuck down there.  That is why I’m going in to save him.  You may find the correspondence of discoveries on this URL.  Wish me luck, but do not pray for me.  It might cause my inner universe to collapse. 


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