A Monk’s 5 Secrets to Happiness

It’s been going on since ancient times, but to this day, Monk’s still know the secret to happiness in an otherwise unhappy world. Here are the ways a Monk maintains serenity. Live your life more like them in these ways, and you’ll wake up to a world easier to digest.

Drink a glass of water first thing in the morning.

Good clean water is fulfilling in more ways than you realize. But this can’t just be normal water. It can’t even be water that’s been through your Brita filter. It must be fresh water straight from a mountain spring. Of course, this means you must live up in the mountains next to a spring in an area so remote, that drinking water straight from a random stream won’t make you so sick you shit yourself inside out.

Take time to meditate.

Just sit in silence for an extended period of time and focus only on the air in your lungs. A monk has the secret to meditating: tons of free time. You -on the other hand- have to wake up, walk the dog, rush to work, run errands, get home, do chores, fit dinner in, make your loved ones feel “noticed.” If you actually had time to just sit in a quiet room with your eyes closed it would be for – you know – sleep! But Monks have time for that because they’re not picking up extra shifts at the FedEx warehouse to cover car payments.

Burn incense and light candles.

Smell is one of the most powerful senses. It can set your mood and bring back memories. Monks will burn incense to radiate calm through their living space. Or perhaps, cover the smells of a 1,000-year-old monastery castle that’s run rampant with mold and a courtyard full of animal shit. Your home on the other hand is an apartment with an Armenian landlord who will “evict you bro” if he smells smoke from your place. But hey, do you want to be happy or not?

Let go of the little things in day-to-day life.

Stop driving yourself mad worrying about rent, bills, and taxes. However, these are big things are the main reason most of us work jobs we don’t like. Good thing Monks have figured out a way to zone out the worries just mentioned. All you have to do is live in a large castle in the mountains that had its last mortgage payment in 1684. Since this place is a monastery they don’t have to pay property tax! Also, by not working a day job there are no taxes to pay there either. Ah, true serenity. Just hang around this place all day and not go to a job. Unless your job is to ring a gong once a day.

Garden More.

Taking care of plants, actual living organisms, that add to your environment is not only soothing but also fulfilling. Growing healthy plants takes diligence, patience, and time. Monks do this by: #1 having actual property to grow things. #2 Living in a climate that makes growing plants a friggin snap. #3 Have housemates that respect the hard work you’re putting into that rose bed by not throwing their cigarette butts in there.


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